DJ Baba


Martijn van Langen aka DJ Baba is well known for his creative mixing style. He created his profile with his own sound combined with house classics, rave, early
hardstyle and hardcore in a freestyle mix.
To play in front of an audience, Martijn started to create events like Rebirth, Platinum, House Nation, 1000% Hardcore and Hard Time in locations such as the
Hemkade48, Waakzaamheid, Lexion, Graansilo and P60.
He performed since 1992 at different festivals, events and club nights. A couple of them are Defqon1, Dance Valley, Nightmare Outdoor, HardClassics on the Beach,
Immortal, Thunderchurch, Illegal Vibes, Mushroom, XTRA Large, Retrospect, Full Moon Festival, Decade and Ravers Religion.
Outside the Netherlands he performed in countries like Germany, The Uk, Austria, France and Belgium.
Baba became a resident at the legendary Multigroove events, starting at the Roothaanhuis Amsterdam back in the day and he is still playing as a resident at their events such as No Bullshit, Hellbound, The Delicate Sound of Thunder, Haunted House, Toxic City and Ground Zero festival. Multigroove has always been a big influence for him and he is true to the brand and people behind it.
Spider Willem introduced Baba in the Amsterdam dj scene, he got his first real gig from him at a Mushroom event at the Hemkade48 as a present for his birthday and in present time, Martijn is the resident host of the Hard Moon area at the magical White Moon and Full Moon events. Since a few years he started the freestyle and harder styles bookings and it is now evolving to a get bigger and better.
Arina’s Leuke Oldschoolfeest is a special Vinyl Only event in Arnhem, Baba became a resident of this exclusive party and it is one of his favorite gigs to play for.
Immortal is a Belgium origin Vinyl Early Hardcore concept. Baba became a resident of this organisation in Antwerp, it is now based in Time Out te Gemert.
Together with Laurens Wijers, Martijn created the Hardcore Fighters concept, a Hardcore tour for Fightcancer ( KWF ) in the Netherlands. With the help from almost everybody in the Hardcore Music business, it is growing to be a massive concept, spreading out over 10 countries in Europa.

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