Marc Simz @ Emporium, Nijmegen, NL

  • Date:2017-05-27
  • Time:12:00
  • Location: Wijchen, the Nehterlands
  • Venue: De BerendonckDe Berendonck
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On Saturday the 27th of May, the most well-known fairytales will become reality during the 13th edition of Emporium Festival at the enchanted grounds of De Berendonck (NL).
We kindly invite you to: Emporium Fairytales!

The great book of Emporium will be re-opened then, releasing 9 different fairytales, for each of the areas. Not just the stages will be mesmerizing, but the entire festival will live and breathe fairytales.
We’ll take you into a world of princes and princesses, castles and magical fairys. But also to the darker side of the ancient stories, with witches, wolves and wizards!
Who will be starring in this new adventure, next to you, will be announced in February when the line-up is released.

Tickets for Emporium Fairytales cost €55,- (ex fee). Available atwww.Emporium.nl

So we will all live happily ever after!

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