AMir Hussain Time Lapse Out Now

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Bringing together a thumping bassline, sparkling plucks, and a Trance fan’s dream melody into a mixture of musical goodness, Amir Hussain exhibits his mastery of the Uplifting Trance art. ‘Time Lapse’ is a true 138 banger, sure to captivate its audience through its waterfall of emotion and cascading melody. No need to further explain its strength and fortes; you listening to this beast of a tune for hours on end explains it all. Get it here: https://pro.beatport.com/release/time-lapse/1703152

Out Now Meteor by Allen Watts

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Sure to make a huge and earth-shattering impact, Allen Watts’ ‘Meteor’ is his sixth addition to the Who’s Afraid Of 138?! imprint after gargantuan tunes like ‘Gravity’ and ‘Kepler’. Coming forth as a mighty display of power and sheer force, its ravaging basslines and highly energetic melody are sure to get you going till the break of dawn.

New Release by Amir Hussain: Ethica

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Due to his debut gig February 5th 2016 at the famous Digital Society Recordings night Amir Hussain released again an amazing track called Ethica. This track is released on the DS-R itself and very beautiful track. Ethica’ is no different and supplies a healthy dose of techy, driving Trance to the DS-R faithful. Keeping things fresh with a lifting, memorable melody and crisp FX, ‘Ethica’ sets off Amir’s & DS-R’s 2016 with a bang. Proving he’s about to have one stellar year, Amir Hussain is back with ‘Ethica’. Amir Hussain is no stranger to the Digital Society family and released more tracks on the DS-R label.